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Functional Web Design

Less is more with Web Design!  We keep design clean, simple, and functional!  If you are looking for a clean crisp web site that your customers will enjoy, give us a call!  Functional web sites that get noticed and give you a positive ROI!

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Social Media Marketing

Does Google rank your website based on Facebook Likes or Follows on Twitter?  How does Social Media affect my website?  Should I buy Facebook Likes?  Should I open an Instagram account?  Give me a call, we can help you answer all of these questions!

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a bit of a mystery?  Most internet people won’t chat about it much, unless they are a SEO company!  We would love to share our opinions on SEO!  Call us today before you spend a bunch of money with a very fancy SEO company!  SEO the proper way!

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What Our Customers Think!

Moonlight Maintenance Inc.

“Glad Mike came out to fly fish and design our website!  We did not have a huge budget, but Mike made a cool website that simply works!” – Mike C

Texoma Guide

 “My website was not on Google search engines?  Mike can help, give him a call” – JD

Adventure Texoma Outdoors

 “I needed a new website that was smart phone responsive!  Thanks Mike!” – John B

Lake Tawakoni Guide

 “My website guy retired and Mike made me a simple responsive site! Give him a call!” – Matt C

Who We Are

On the Job Training

I operated an e-commerce website for eight plus years!  Self taught on the job web hacks, you got it!  I did not like the answers I got from my suppliers, so I dug in and learned! Let us help your company today!

  • Customer Service 92%
  • Website Design 85%
  • Socail Media Marketing 96%
  • SEO 99%

Recent Posts

Google Ranking

How to rank on google with quality content?  You are not going to trick Google!  You need to take several steps while making your website to make sure it ranks with Google!  making a website is easy, making Google like it, difficult!  Proper Web Design will help!


Please give us a call before you start chating with a huge SEO Company!  I wasted a lot of money and time when I owned my e-commerce site!  We can help you NOT make the same mistakes we did!  We will explain SEO to you and how to make your website rank on google and bing! 

Functional Design

We belive that less is more and we design websites the same way!  We can design a funtional, clean, and responsive site!  Your customers will find what they need and your ROI will be great!  We can design you information and e-commerce websites!


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