The Affordable Internet Consulting Group

The Affordable Internet Consulting Group

The Affordable Internet Consulting Group

Web Design and Google Ranking


The Affordable Consulting Group


Web Design and Much More!

Need a website?  Got a website, but it does not rank on the first page?  No time to run your social media marketing?  Welcome to the affordable consulting group!  We can help with all the above at great prices!  Making cool websites work since 2008! 

Web Design

A well designed website is very cool and may keep customers on the site, but how does it rank on google?  Do you have a sitemap?  Is your business liked with google and bing?  How does your website look on smartphones?  If you do not know the answers to these questions…..your website may not be doing well!  Time for a tune-up or re-design!  Call us, we have a great package deal!


Social Media Marketing

Ahhh yes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many more!  Social Media should work with your website, not separate!  Do you have a Splash Page or Landing Page?  Do you post on social media two times per month?  How about a blog site?  Do you blob? is the affordable internet consulting group that drives your social media and increases interaction with your website!  Call us we can help!

Internet Consulting

Do you have an ROI on your website?  Do you Blog?  What are your keywords and have you ever done a key word search!  I have lived the e-commerce experience for 8 years!  I tried several SEO companies only to ask…..”Really???” can deliver SEO and organic rankings!  Call us today!

The Affordable Internet Consulting Group