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Internet Consulting

We like to stay busy, so we don't over charge for our services!  Web Design for an information site does not take that long and we want to give our clients a BIG BANG for the BUCK!  We will have your website up and looking sharp very fast!  Give us a call today!  Save time and money!

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Set Up Cost

Website, SEO, Social Media
$325/3 Months
  • +Information Website (call for e-commerce sites)
  • +Complete Search Engine Optimization for Website
  • +Social Media Set Up (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • +SMM : 6 Tweets, 6 Instagram posts, 6 Facebook posts, 6 Google+ posts
  • +Blog Page Set Up & 6 Blog Posts
  • +No Yearly Fees

Maintenance Cost

Social Media Marketing & Website Maintenance
  • +Maintain Website (update pictures and more!)
  • +Complete SEO updates for Website
  • +Social Media Maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • +SMM : 2 Tweets, 2 Instagram posts, 2 Facebook posts, 2 Google+ posts
  • +Blog maintenance & 2 Blog Posts
  • +No Yearly Fees

Unlimited Support & Updates

We take pride in our customer service and won't leave you hanging on the phone all day! Affordable Internet Consulting with superior customer service!

Satisfied Customers

Mike designed a very cool website and has our social media marketing driving customers to our farm! Thanks Mike!

Bobbi Sherwood


Mike set up my e-commerce store very fast!  We are super busy, thanks Mike!

Angie Haslor

Owner, Aromatherapy.Boutique

Frequently Asked Questions



We know your website design is very important!  If you have qestions, call us!  You won't get a sales rep from India, just people in the USA who care about your business!

How long does it take to complete a website?

Time frame on a website depends on the site size, the customers ability to deliver photos, and the content text.  We do not write content.  It's your business, we need your content!

Does your price include SEO?

We include all the SEO on your website design.  We will list your sitemaps with Bing and Google and make sure each page and photo are optimized!

Can I work on the back end of the website?

We will not lock you out of your website!  You will receive a list of all passwords to your website and social media accounts!  If you want to work on your site, go for it!

What about my social media accounts?

If you have socail media accounts we can use them, or create business accounts!

How long does it take to rank on Google?

This is the number one question and it's a bit tricky!  We like to see pages start ranking on the second or third page in two to three months.  Getting to page one can take five to eight months depending on the compitition!

Can you design an e-commerce website?

E-commerce websites are not a problem.  They will cost a bit more, and take more time depending on how many products you are selling!

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